Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday @ Walter Dacon Wines

November 29, 2001
Cyber Monday at Walter Dacon Wines - we're offering a 15% discount on a case of wine (your choice) and a 25% discount on two cases of wine - today (cyber Monday only)!

To place your order go to our secure website @ and click on the Order tab at the top of the screen.

Have a great day!


Lloyd & Ann Anderson
Walter Dacon Wines
360 426-5913

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who's making your wine?

With the recent influx of "virtual" wineries in Washington State, can you be sure your favorite winery is a bricks and mortor operation?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Making of Port - Vin a' Dessert

Ann made a speed trip to downtown Portland, Oregon today to purchase grape neutral spirits at the Clear Creek Distillery.  What a wonderful place. She backed her little car into the warehouse, opened the back hatch, and they filled a 15 gallon stainless container for the trip back to Washington.  Oh, yes, she had to pay for it.  So, the port (we can't call it port) will have the brandy introduced tomorrow, and then it will be aged in French and American oak barrels for a year or more!  Yummy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

WA State Initiatives 1100 and 1105: Privatization

Washington State Initiatives 1100 and 1105: Privatization
On the surface, the passage of I-1100 and I-1105 look very simple – getting the state out of the retail liquor business. But, as with most everything involving politics, there are a lot of hidden and often not discussed issues that have far reaching affects.

We at Walter Dacon Wines are worried about the effect these initiatives will have on our small business. There are three issues in I-1100 that bother us:
It allows wine, beer and spirits to be sold on credit e.g. 30, 60, 90 days. Currently, alcohol sales are paid for on delivery. For a small business like ours, cash flow is paramount. Further, if a retailer goes out of business without paying, it would be devastating.

It allows retailers to charge for shelf space (currently not allowed) and sets up a "pay to play" scenario. For example, restaurants would be allowed to charge a winery the cost to reprint their wine list in exchange for listing that winery's wines. It also allows gifts of substance e.g. "I'll buy X cases of your wine if you will give me Y cases as a gift. Currently, only small gifts of little value like coasters and t-shirts are allowed.

It allows volume discounts which will give the largest in-state, out of state and out of country wineries with millions of cases to sell, an advantage over small local producers.

I-1105 is the wholesale distributor's counter to I-1100 and requires all spirits sales go through a wholesale liquor distributor. Unlike Washington retailer's ability to deal directly with wine producers, spirits producers would be required to work within a three-tier system which would separate manufacturing, distributing and retailing and not allow any reciprocal interests. I-1105 is less onerous in that, while also privatizing the sale of liquor, it keeps most of the existing alcohol regulations in place. I-1105 repeals all liquor taxes and directs the legislature to make up the difference with new taxes. The state Office of Financial Management estimates the total revenue loss to the state general fund to be between $128 and $136 million per year.

Think it through, but please ask yourself whether lower prices and easier access to alcohol is worth the guaranteed financial loss to the state, cities and counties not to mention the potential harm to small wineries.

We're voting NO on both I-1100 and I-1105!

If the goal is to close state liquor stores and allow for privatization, then let's work with our elected officials to reach this end goal.


Lloyd & Ann Anderson
50 SE Skookum Inlet Rd
Shelton WA 98584
360 426-5913

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walter Dacon pouring for Washington Trust for Historic Preservation @ Stimson-Green Mansion, Seattle

Walter Dacon Wines has the privilege to pour wines for the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation at the historic Stimson-Green Mansion on Minor Avenue, Seattle this afternoon.  We will be pouring the 2009 Viognier, 2007 C'est Syrah Belle, 2007 C'est Syrah Beaux and the 2007 Sangiovese.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Barrel Tasting @ Walter Dacon Wines & OysterFest, Shelton, WA

October is shaping up to be a busy month for Walter Dacon Wines. 

Our first event is OysterFest at the Mason County Fairgrounds, October 2 and 3, Saturday 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday 10 am - 5 pm.  Walter Dacon Wines, with a host of other Washington State Wineries, will be there pouring for all the wine enthusiasts.  For the friendliest people and freshest seasfood in the region, attend one or both days.  Go to their website to check out the entertainment schedule, oyster shucking contest and other activities at OysterFest.

October 9th and 10th, we'll roll out several of our 2009 wine varietals and with thieves in hand we'll dip samples straight from the barrels.  The two day food menu will be clam chowder, wild mushroom soup and rustic french bread, all provided by Chef Treacy Kreger of Vern's.  The cost:  $10 (Le Grand Crew - wine club $4). 

So, dress for the weather, join us at OysterFest and our annual barrel tasting at Walter Dacon.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend at Walter Dacon Wines, Shelton, WA

The sun is shining here in Shelton, live music is playing, award winning wine is flowing - come out and join us at 50 SE Skookum Inlet Road!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Labor Day @ Walter Dacon Wines Reminder

Labor Day weekend Reminder!
Invite your friends and stop in: September 4th, 5th and 6th ~ noon to 6 pm Live Music by “Teacher”
Fresh steamer clams (done Walter style) from Taylor Shellfish Farms,
Wonderful hot rustic French bread along with
Hummus, celery, olives and flat bread
Fee: $15 (Le Grand Crew ~ $5)

Help us welcome Doug and Kim McCrea's new Tasting Room to down town Olympia (just off Capitol on Fifth @ 116 5th Avenue). The Olympia Wine and Tasting Bar is open 1-6 pm Thursday through Saturday and 1-4 pm Sundays. Stop in to purchase great wine and tell them Walter Dacon recommended them.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Walter Dacon Looks back (just for a second) and Looks Ahead!

Since our 5th anniversary celebration (Le Grand Crew Dinner Party) at the end of July, it has been a whirlwind of activity for us.  It seems we've been on the go constantly.  I just looked at the calendar and the long days of summer are wanning.

But the good news keeps coming for Walter Dacon:

  • Wine Spectator, in the latest edition (September issue) gave our 2007 C'est Syrah Magnifique 93 points!
    • This follows on the heals of Wine Spectator's August edition giving C'est Syrah Beaux 92 points
    • Appanage 91 points
    • C'est Syrah Belle 90 points
We poured at Auction of Washington Wines and Picnic with the Winemakers, Thursday, August 19th, at Chateau Ste. Michelle, Woodinville, to benefit uncompensated care at Seattle Children's Hospital and the Washington Wine Education Foundation.

  • We're also very pleased to welcome Salida Wines (by Doug and Kim McCrea) new tasting room in downtown Olympia, located in the New Caldonia Building, 116 5th Ave.  They are open for tastings and sales Thursday through Saturday 1 pm to 6 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 4 pm.  Stop in and tell Kim and Doug that Walter Dacon suggested you drop by.
Friends of Olympia Farmer's Market is holding the 11th annual "Taste of the Market" on Tuesday the 24th of August, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Walter Dacon will be there pouring Voignier, Belle and Beaux.  Tickets can be purchased at the Farmers Market Office or online at Farmers Market.  Come out and support our local farmers and vendors!
  • We also want to invite everyone to join us over the Labor Day Weekend to listen to live music by Teacher, drink great wines and feast on Taylor Shellfish Farms fresh steamer clams done Walter style.  Noon to 6 pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 4th, 5th and 6th.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Walter Dacon at Wines in the Pines - Suncadia and More Terrific Scores

Walter Dacon Wines was privileged to be selected to pour wine at Suncadia Lodge, July 31st, for the third annual "Wine in the Pines" event. 

More good news for Walter Dacon; new wine scores from Wine Spectator magazine are in:
  • 92 C'est Syrah Beaux
  • 91 C'est Syrah Appanage
  • 90 C'est Syrah Belle
Look for the September issue of Seattle Metropolitan magazine - Appanage made the top 100 list - we just don't know the exact number!  So, it will be a surprise to us too.  We're just honored that of all the wineries in Washington (close to 700) - we made the top 100.  Hurray!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walter Dacon Le Grand Crew Dinner Party and Dance

July 24th was a terrific afternoon at Walter Dacon Wines.  The weather was perfect as over 100 wine club members, Le Grand Crew, gathered on the lawn to celebrate our 5th year anniversary and partake in a cedar planked salmon dinner with all the trimmings prepared by Randy McIntosh and Vern's Restaurant.  The dance floor was ready as our band from Tacoma, The High Rollers, performed amazing dance music.  Everyone was up and dancing.  BJ a 95 year old guest from Hartstine Island and a former Radio City Rockette, danced every dance. Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate our fifth year milestone.  To commemorate our fifth year, we introduced 2007 C'est Syrah Belle magnums, personally signed by the winemaker.  Again, thanks to everyone for making the wine club dinner and our 5th anniversary very memorable.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walter Dacon pouring at Sunshine & Wine, State Fair Park, Yakima, Washington

Lloyd and Ann are heading to Yakima for the annual Sunshine & Wine event at the State Fair Park today, Saturday, June 26th.  The event starts at 1 pm and runs until 5 pm.  This is the fifth year Walter Dacon has poured wine at this event which is the culmination of the Washington State Wine Competition..  It's always a fun event with live music, fabulous food, and tremendous award winning wines from across the state - all on the lawn.  The temperature is forecast to be 84 degrees today in Yakima - we can hardly wait!  Walter Dacon will be pouring C'est Syrah Magnifique. So, jump in your car, take the 2.5 hour drive, say hi and soak up some rays.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grand Opening, Sullivan's Steakhouse and Walter Dacon Wines, Seattle

Lloyd and Ann recently had the opportunity to attend the pre-launch of Sullivan's Steakhouse, a fabulous affair on June 17th at 621 Union Street, Seattle.  The venue is perfect, the food scrumptious, and with newly renovated space, everything is in place for a pleasurable dining experience. Schuyler Adams, the General Manager, is ready to greet guests at the restaurant tonight (6/19/2010) for their Grand Opening.  Check out the wine list when you visit.  You might find one of your favorites.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walter Dacon Wines attend the 2010 Seattle Wine Awards at Seattle's Historic Rainier Club

Walter Dacon Wines were honored to receive two gold medals (C'est Syrah Magnfique and Appanage) at the Seattle Wine Awards conducted by Christopher Chan, Sommelier at the Rainier Club, Seattle. 

The event, held this past Sunday, brought 90 of the best wineries in the state of Washington together for a grand tasting.  The wines and food were fabulous, and the historic venue was awsome. 

Look for next year's event in June of 2011.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Washington Governor's Mansion Foundation and Walter Dacon Wines

June 8th was a spectacular evening for Walter Dacon Wines.  We were privileged to be invited to the Governor's Mansion to participate in a fund raiser sponsored by the non-partisan Governor's Mansion Foundation.

The wine tasting event was a 'first' for the mansion and will probably become an annual event based on its success.  The Governor, Chris Gregoire, was on hand to welcome several hundred participants and share stories about how the Foundation was started by then First Lady, Nancy Evans, in 1972.

As the evening was winding down and the governor departed to a private meeting, a security person for the Governor approached Lloyd and Ann.  She indicated that the Governor had requested Walter Dacon and "would we please follow her to the private area?"  As we arrived at the door to the private area, another security person came out and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, she requested Walter Dacon wine, not the winemaker".  Needless to say, everyone erupted in laughter and even more laughter.  Lloyd said he would get lots of mileage in the future telling this story!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Facebook LIKES for Walter Dacon Wines, Shelton, Washington

 Karan Wade-James of Olympia became Walter Dacon's 500th follower on Facebook, April 11th 2010, three months after our page went live.  We now have 576 and we can't wait to congratulate number 1,000. Any guesses on when that might be? Post your guess here; whomever comes closest to the actual date we hit 1,000 will be invited to the winery for a photo-op with the winemaker and a bottle of Walter Dacon Syrah to take home!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walter Dacon Wines, Shelton, WA Bring Home Fabulous Ratings from Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Wow! We just received advance word from the editors of Wine Enthusiast Magazine. They recently reviewed our wines and gave us the following scores:
Editors’ Choice * 2007 Boushey Vineyard - Appanage 92 (50 cases)

2007 C’est Syrah Magnifique 91 (77 cases)

2007 C’est Syrah Belle 91 (250 cases)

2007 C’est Syrah Beaux 90 (22 cases) 2007 Sangiovese 90 (85 cases)

So, look for the August 2010 issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine the end of July on a newsstand near you.


Lloyd and Ann Anderson
Walter Dacon Wines

* Special Designations: Editors’ Choice wines are those that offer excellent quality at a price above our Best Buy range, or a wine at any price with unique qualities that merit special attention.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend - Seminar Series, June 2nd All at Walter Dacon Wines, Shelton, WA

Please join Lloyd and Ann Anderson

at the winery for our
Memorial Day weekend event, May 29th, 30th and 31st,
noon to 6 pm each day
Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

We welcome back, by popular demand, Teacher, our very talented local musical sensations for the three day weekend.

We’ll be serving our traditional
Walter’s Steamed Clams,
all fresh from Taylor Shellfish Farms, rustic French bread and humus – yummy – something for everyone!
Bring your friends, relax on the patio, sip delightful Walter Dacon wines, enjoy fabulous music and nibble on wonderful steamed clams.

Le Grand Crew – $5
Walter’s Friends – $10

Join us for our next Seminar June 2nd, 6:30 pm at the winery
Olive Oil - Why does it make a Difference?
Cold Pressed, Virgin, Extra Virgin, France, Spain, Italy!
What is the difference, and how do I use these different olive oils? 
We will be talking and tasting Olive Oil!
Please, no scents or perfumes, as we will be relying on our sense of smell for this event.
The cost is $20.  Seminars are limited to 20 members and fill up early, so please RSVP (we only have 6 spaces left).  Call 360 426-5913 or email
You will be treated to a glass of wine, artisan breads and gourmet cheeses during the seminar.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Join Walter Dacon In the Vineyard - It's All about Terroir -

Please Join Us at Walter Dacon Wines for our Third Seminar:

May 5th, 6:30 – 8 pm

“In the Vineyard – It’s All about Terroir

Here in Washington State, wine grapes have a legacy reaching back nearly 17,000 years when catastrophic ice age floods began carving the rugged terrain where today’s grape vines thrive. Lloyd (Andy) will help us experience the Missoula Floods through animations and learn how wine is a reflection of terroir (the interaction of geology, soil, climate and human intervention – a sense of place. We have no one word that translates the French word terroir).
We will taste wine from different vineyards, aged in barrels of the same cooperage and toast levels. You will see and taste the vast difference. We’re sure you will be amazed at the differing flavor profiles.

Please sign up early, there are only 20 spaces. You’ll receive a glass of Walter Dacon wine, nibble on gourmet cheeses along with artisan breads for a cost of $20.

Our last seminar on stemware was sold out.

You can go to Facebook, search for Walter Dacon, click on Events to RSVP to the seminar, give us a call @ 360 426-5913 or email us at


Lloyd and Ann Anderson
Walter Dacon Wines

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wine Barrel Tasting - Walter Dacon Wines, Shelton, WA

Spring  Run  Off – When  It  Rains,  We  Pour!

Mason County-wide Lodging and Dining Specials all Month
- check it out at:
Hood Canal Wines

Please join us at Walter Dacon Wines for this

First Annual County-wide event April 24th and 25th, noon to 6 pm.

We will be ‘thieving’ our 2008 Syrah wine directly from the barrel. Come; evaluate our new wine!
Something new for this event only:
Pre-order wine on our website Walter Dacon Wines and you’ll receive a 10% discount. In addition, there will be no waiting to check out. We’ll box up your order and have it ready for you to pick up.

We’ll have hot ‘comfort food’ - wild mushroom soup, clam chowder and rustic French bread all prepared by award winning Chef Treacy @ Vern’s Restaurant.  Our patio heaters will be on to help keep you warm, but this event will be in the barrel room and on the crush pad so please dress for the weather - do the sunshine dance.
A portion of your wine purchases will be donated to the four food banks in Mason County.

Fee - $10/plus tax
Le Grand Crew $5/plus tax

Lloyd and Ann Anderson

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reminder - Stemware Seminar

April 6, 2010

Stemware, why does it matter?

April 14, 2010, 6:30 - 8 pm at the winery!

Please join our Riedel Representatives, Barry & Sarah Treyve of Portland, for an informative overview of stemware and how it can enhance the taste and flavors of your wine. The Treyve's will demonstrate various glasses for syrah, sangiovese, viognier, etc. This will be an informative, fun event!  The Treyve's are also bringing glass that you may want to purchase!

The cost is $20. Seminars are limited to 20, and we still have spaces available. You will be treated to a glass of wine, artisan breads and cheeses during the seminar.

Questions, give us a call - 360 426-5913.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Riedel Stemware Seminar at Walter Dacon Wines Shelton WA

Stemware, does it matter?

April 14, 2010, 6:30 - 8 pm at the winery!

Riedel Stemware representatives, Barry and Sarah Treyve of Portland, will be on hand to demonstrate that when tasting wine, stemware does make a difference.  You will be tasting wines in various glass shapes and sizes - crystal vs regular glass to exerience the difference first hand. Sarah and Barry promise this will be an informative, fun event.

This seminar is limited to 20 people (we have 10 spaces remaining).  The cost is $20 and will include a glass of Walter Dacon wine, artisan breads and cheeses.  As you can see, our winemaker uses only Riedel stemware.  Glasses will be available for sale.  Call 360 426-5913 to reserve your spot

WalterDacon @TasteWA

Taste Washington TV-Walter Dacon Wine News
by: Vivian Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

New this year at Taste Washington was a live web cast that included interviews with Washington winemakers during the Grand Tasting on Sunday, March 28th. Yashar Shayan did a great job quickly recruiting wine bloggers and Twitteristas to be the interviewers. The selected interviewers then recruited winemakers from a list of wineries and restaurants with a Twitter presence.

Knowing the easy-going, convivial nature of Ann and Lloyd (Andy) Anderson of Walter Dacon Wines, I tracked them down to ask if they would be part of the first ever Taste Washington TV. ”We would love to” was the answer. Together we agreed to keep it short and light-hearted. Here we are – Ann, Andy and Vivian un-rehearsed, near the end of a long, delicious day enjoying 200 wineries and 60 Seattle restaurants. “All right Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up”

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Seminar is Tonight

Walter Dacon's first seminar - Tasting Techniques - is tonight!  We have a great group assembled.  It should be informative and fun.  We'll be tasting some great wines paired with cheeses and artisan breads.  Check out our seminar in April.  Our Reidel glass distributor will be here to walk you through all that Reidel has to offer in the way of the proper glass for the wine/sprit you're drinking.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Starting in March, on the first Wednesday of each month, we are launching the Walter Dacon Seminar Series.  Le Grand Crew members can sign-up for fun sessions covering topics such as:
  • March 3rd - Wine Tasting Techniques
  • April 7th - The best stemware for wine (it does matter)
  • May 5th - Why the vineyard matters (as the French say, Terroir)
  • June 2nd - Olive Oil - virgin, extra virgin (what's the difference?)
  • July, August, September - no seminars (relaxing on the patio w/Viognier)
  • October 6th - Crush (no, it's not like crushed ice, what is it?)
  • November 3rd - TBA
Typically, each session will last an hour to an hour and a half, starting at 6:30 pm.

You'll be treated to a glass of wine, artisan breads and cheeses. 
$20/ea seminar (book all six for $100).  Space is limited to 20, so sign up early by calling the winery @ 360 426-5913, RSVP on Facebook or email us:

Friday, February 19, 2010


Walter Dacon is now HOT - with a WiFi connection.  Holly was on the patio with her lap top today.

Join us on the patio - can you believe it - sunshine all day (Andy mowed all the lawns today - he tells me this is the first time in 30 years he's mowed in February).  Ah, the life of a winemaker!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We had a terrific weekend at Walter Dacon Wines visiting with the many friends we've made over the past years.  Thanks to all of you for your continued support.  Bon Vin, Bonne Amitie! (Good wine, good friends!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wonderful Article from Wine and Beer of Washington State

Walter Dacon Wines : Featured Winery 2/10 by: Vivian Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Ann and Lloyd “call me Andy” Anderson are still smiling. Recently their tasting room won our Washington Winery Tasting Room Readers’ Poll. Readers voting for Walter Dacon Winery chose this tasting room for its beautiful setting, comfortable atmosphere, knowledgeable hosts, and unique tasting bar. In this countryside setting, visitors taste highly rated and award-winning wines and attend releases and special events.
Fremont Public Library-circulation desk in the foreground, circa 1930.

First, before discussing the wines, let’s explore the unique tasting bar, one of my favorite parts of the tasting room. Walter Dacon’s tasting bar’s first incarnation was as the circulation desk in the 1930’s at Fremont Public Library, a Carnegie library.

Decades later, Ann found it in a second use store and knew immediately that its second incarnation would be as part of their tasting room. With fingers crossed, she patiently out-waited another interested customer who had first dibs.

Second incarnation for the library circulation desk-Walter Dacon tasting bar

Once in her possession, she had it lovingly restored. Personally, I love standing next to and even leaning on the tasting bar. The beautiful oak is comforting and entirely reminiscent of delightful hours spent in the public library of my youth. Now, unlike my youth, I stand at the circulation desk and instead of pondering how many books to check out, I am tasting a Rousanne, Viognier, a Sangiovese, four Syrahs, and a port-style Syrah.

The Andersons created Walter Dacon Wines as a team. Forgoing a more relaxed retirement, Andy learned viticulture and winemaking through UC Davis classes and working with Doug McCrea of McCrea Cellars while Ann learned the business of wine. The winery itself is located on part of the four acres they call home on Lynch Road south of Shelton, WA, just a bit more than a mile from Taylor Shellfish Farms. A very convenient location as steamed mussels and clams are frequent treats at winery events.

Walter Dacon’s focus is Rhone and Mediterranean style wines, no over-oaked fruit bombs here. Every year they produce the core set of their wines - three Syrahs – the Belle (co-fermented with Viognier, aged in French oak), the Beaux (100% Syrah, aged in American oak) and the Magnifique (100% Syrah aged in French oak). There is also a fourth Syrah, Appanage, a 100% Syrah from Boushey Vineyard. Until the last few years, the Appanage was only available to club members. Now production has increased and everyone has the opportunity to taste this wine at the winery. The Syrahs have won numerous awards and high ratings. Besides Boushey Vineyards, the Andersons work with Destiny Ridge Vineyard, Elephant Mountain Vineyard, Ranch at the End of the Road Vineyard, and Outlook Vineyard.

Medals and notable ratings for Walter Dacon Wines

The Andersons also produce a Viognier and a Rousanne. The success of the Viognier was a surprise. The fruit is acquired for co-fermenting with Syrah for the Belle. The extra fruit is vinted on its own and bottled. Based on the success of the Viognier, they created a Rousanne. Unfortunately, the Rousanne has not been as successful and the current release will be the last.
Until this past year, the Andersons’ Mediterranean style was represented by only one wine, a Sangiovese. Last summer they released a Temperanillo. The production was limited and once it was released and tasted, club members purchased every bottle. Saddened by the news as Temperanillo is a favorite of mine, I was comforted to learn there is more in the barrel room, along with Grenache, Mouvedre, Petit Sirah and Zinfandel. Currently, Andy plans to create a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Sangiovese. I am intrigued with this plan because it is what I refer to as “hybrid winemaking” – creating wine in an elegant style reminiscent of the old world but blending in a new world style – no rules! No rule forbidding Sangiovese to reside in the same bottle as Syrah.

Library circulation desk drawer now holds Walter Dacon stickers.

Just as Andy, the head winemaker, pushes forward with varietals and blends, Ann forges into the future of the wine business learning social media and trying new marketing ideas. This month Walter Dacon launched a new website, a Facebook Fan page and Twitter. Ann is also a member of the board of the Washington Wine Institute and recently testified in Olympia in favor of legislation to make it easier on wineries to contribute wine to 501(c)(3) charities for fundraising events.
Eventually, the Andersons may retire and step away from the winery and the wine industry, handing it over to family members. But not any time soon. After speaking with them I believe it will skip the next generation and be in the hands of the grandsons not yet in grade school and who belong to a generation that never had the thrill of dropping paper checkout cards in the slot a of library circulation desk.
I enjoy all of Walter Dacon Wines and have for several years. During the remainder of February I will pour the wines for Bean, Ed, and Nancy. Stay tuned for our tasting and pairing notes.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Saturday we had a terrific group of folks stop by the winery to sip Walter Dacon and partake in everything chocolate!  We're doing the same thing today and Monday, noon to 6 pm.  Happy Valentines Day to all.

So, come on out - the winemaker is here and ready to sign bottles!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The weather was great - WE'VE LAUNCHED!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website

This new website will enable you to order wines directly from the winery, visit our Blog, find us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. All of our events and happenings are also listed in the Events tabs on our website and Facebook. We've had a blast putting this together and it will be ever changing and a work in progress as we go into the future.

Our Webmaster and Le Grand Crew member, Kenton Fabrick, has literally dragged Andy and me into the 21st century! We are very appreciative of Kenton and his colleague Eric Anderson, owner of  Check out our new site and view the fabulous videos filmed by Le Grand Crew member Linda Helms, Pearl Beach Productions in Union, Washington.

We are indebted to both Linda and Kenton for their dedication and persistence in working with one very particular curmudgeon - that would be your winemaker. In all reality, Lloyd (Andy) and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the various sites. Thanks to everyone who critiqued and gave input. Job well done!

We hope you will go to our various sites and CHECK US OUT!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Walter Dacon - Best Tasting Room in Washington

WOW! Walter Dacon Wines was recently honored to receive the Best Tasting Room in the state by Wine-Beer-Washington.  A hearty thanks to our fans for their votes, to Bean and her crew at Wine-Beer-Washington and  our staff at Walter Dacon - that would be Holly!

Doctors Without Borders Haiti Benefit

February 1st
McCrea Cellars, Dockside Bistro  of Olympia and Walter Dacon Wines hosted a benefit winemaker dinner for Doctors Without Borders. The more than 50 people who attended had a wonderful five course meal prepared by Chef Cedar Green with wines paired to each course. 
Funds were also raised through a silent action for a total of $11,500!  Thanks to everyone attending and contributing. This was a huge success.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Exotic Wines Festival

Walter Dacon Wines
Last evening, 2/2
Andy (Lloyd) and I poured wine for the Exotic Wines Festival in support of "Art with Heart" in Seattle. It was a packed event with 300 happy wine lovers (some in costumes). We had a great time. You should check out Teatro Zinzanni - it's fabulous!

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day at the Legislature (well, part of a day)

Walter Dacon co-owner, Ann, who is a board member on the Washington Wine Institute, was asked to testify in favor of SB 6719, having to do with charitable events, pouring and selling wine to benefit the sponsoring charity.  She said it was a blast!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Walter Dacon Wines is taking the bold step of entering the Social Media swimming pool (Hopefully with a minimum of sharks!). 

Our website will be completed shortly. 

Many of you have already joined us on our Facebook Fan Page
and we deeply thank you for all your generous comments. 
Bring on More! 

As we get used to this new world, we want you to feel comfortable coming to our Fan Page for the latest and greatest information about the winery, our winemaker Lloyd Anderson, and Ann Anderson's beautiful work creating the world's friendliest tasting room that is staffed by none other than the lovely, intelligent and talented Holly House. 

You will be kept up with all the newest events and tastings, along with release updates and special
And finally, we've tweeted a tad and would love to have you join us there

Shortly, we'll be adding special #HashTags to our wines so that the entire world can come to know what we in the little old town of Shelton already declare:

Walter Dacon Wines really do ROCK!